World's first Cisco DevNet Specialization Partner


Step 1: Unleash the potential

We help our customers understand and utilize the potential of the costly investments made in modern platforms. This requires both competence, experience and a changed way of working.

Step 2: Link IT to the business

Streamlining an IT department with the help of automation is the first step. The fair value arises when the resources can be consumed in a self-service portal. We integrate ITSM systems with infra-as code.

Step 3: Independence

We work side by side with our customers, not infrequently in agile sprints. The goal is always to have a continuous competence transfer and that our customers will be independent after a completed project. 

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Read our step-by-step guide to see how to get to the automated data center, complete with links, tips and webinar.


We are specialists in data centers and service provider networks. With experience of having designed and automated data center networks with

14 000 physical servers, built large-scale networks for operators and have completed migration projects with thousands of connections, we have the skills required to help you with your cloud, data center or network infrastructure.


Miradot is a leader in automation of IT infrastructure. We inspire and lead our customers to a modern, efficient and innovative environment. With solid experience from DevOps, Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform and similar systems, we help our customers with everything from launching a platform adapted for infrastructure as a code to illuminating an existing environment to identify efficiency measures.



We are proud of our trust from Cisco. In 2020, we became the first partner in the world to be specialized in automation and DevNet. In 2019, we won the award for "Growth Partner of the Year" as a result of 320% growth. We became the first HyperFlex- as well as IoT-certified partner in Sweden. We help our customers succeed all the way from design to implementation.



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