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Why > how

We combine understanding your business with our profound technical knowledge. Our starting point is therefore always why instead of a one-sided focus on how.

Outcome > hours

We want the incentives for our customer to be in line with our own. Therefore, we prefer performance-based compensation and sharing risk with our customers.

Team > individual

We perform at our best in a team where the individuals complement each other. We have tight teams that deliver all the skills our customers need, while having fun.

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Read our step-by-step guide to see how to get to the automated data center, complete with links, tips and webinar.


We are specialists in data centers and service provider networks. With experience of having designed and automated data center networks with

14 000 physical servers, built large-scale networks for operators and have completed migration projects with thousands of connections, we have the skills required to help you with your cloud, data center or network infrastructure.


Miradot is a leader in automation of IT infrastructure. We inspire and lead our customers to a modern, efficient and innovative environment. With solid experience from DevOps, Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform and similar systems, we help our customers with everything from launching a platform adapted for infrastructure as a code to illuminating an existing environment to identify efficiency measures.



We are proud of our trust from Cisco. In 2020, we became the first partner in the world to be specialized in automation and DevNet. In 2019, we won the award for "Growth Partner of the Year" as a result of 320% growth. We became the first HyperFlex- as well as IoT-certified partner in Sweden. With a strong focus on products such as ASR 9000, Nexus 9000, HyperFlex and ACI, we help our customers succeed all the way from design to implementation.




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We challenge ourselves, our customers and the market with new business models, collaborations and solutions. We strive to be the best at what we do and believe in partnerships with others with the same ambition to create a whole. Read more about us

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