Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure


Optimize, visualize and automate your entire physical network in the data center via API or GUI.


Extend your network to smaller locations or leased infrastructure and get the same experience as in your physical data center.


Seamlessly connect your different data centers and treat them as if they were a single one.


On your way to Amazon or Azure? No problem, manage the network in your hyperscale cloud as if it were in your local data center.

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What does ACI do?


Physical and virtual machines, containers and cloud resources. All are treated equally according to the Zero Trust principle. Decide for yourself which traffic should be allowed and which should be forced through a firewall.


No matter where the traffic comes from and where it is going, you need to be able to follow it and its path through your physical, virtual or cloud-based network.


ACI is programmable, which means that today or tomorrow you can build your own integrations and adapt the network to your business and your processes. In addition to the ability to make adjustments, there are already available integrations with several popular manufacturers and their respective technologies like firewalls, load balancers, VMware, OpenStack, Kubernetes and OpenShift.


ACI was originally built without a CLI or GUI, only an API. These were later added, but each command or click corresponds to an API call in the background. Instead of, as with traditional platforms where APIs are built afterwards, ACI is designed with automation and APIs from scratch. This makes the platform fit like a glove if you intend to devote yourself to automation and infrastructure as a code.

Why ACI?


All companies need to find new ways to differentiate themselves. It requires an infrastructure that is ready for the future but works with your existing environment.

Software defined

The platform is built with the purpose of supporting business operations and therefore also has the automation required to launch new applications and servers at a fast pace, the ability to build security policies directly linked to applications and give you visibility, analysis, traceability and assurance that the network performs like it should.

The applications are in charge

The mobility and speed required in a modern data center is driven by the applications and business benefits. Anyone should be able to quickly provision new resources in the same way as in the public cloud. The network technicians manage, secure and develop the network but spend less time on repetitive measures. ACI makes this possible.


All companies are now multicloud-based, regardless of whether it has been an active decision or not. You use Office365, Salesforce, Google, Dropbox or other SaaS services, sometimes without the knowledge of the IT department. Development teams have found the benefit with Azure or Amazon. At the same time, the IT department has the task of keeping the whole together with a local data center, some services in Amazon and a team that wants to work in Azure and an acquired company that has always run GCP, Google Cloud Platform. With ACI Anywhere, you get a unified network that spans your own data center, your cloud or your individual servers in a remote office. m).

Test by yourself
There are several options for you to test, evaluate and explore the possibilities with ACI on your own. Via dCloud, you get access to Cisco's labs and environments. With ACI Simulator you can build your own virtual ACI environment in VMware vSphere.
ACI Kickstart

To start an ACI project, we have ready-made packages consisting of everything needed for you to be able to build a minimal but fully capable and redundant environment. These are also not limiting in any way. You can easily scale out the environment afterwards.

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ACI Kickstart

  • 2x Nexus 9332C Spine

  • 2x Nexus 93180YC-FX Leaf

  • 3x ACI APIC M3

  • Optics for 100Gbps between spine and leaf

  • 1 year support

  • Basic installation

  • Half day training

This gives you a total of 2x48 10 / 25Gbps ports and 8 100Gbps ports to connect your devices.

ACI Kickstart Small

  • 2x Nexus 9332C Spine

  • 2x Nexus 9348GC-FXP Leaf

  • 1x ACI APIC M3 & 2nd ACI APIC Virtual (for VMware)

  • Optics for 100Gbps between spine and leaf

  • 1 year support

  • Basic installation

  • Half day training

This gives you a total of 2x48 1Gbps ports and 8 10 / 25Gbps ports to connect your devices in.