Miradot CGN


We offer our CGN solution as a service, which means that you pay for utilized capacity per month.


Through different speeds per machine combined clustering with several machines, the solution scales both up and out.


We have several customers in different sizes with operational systems for several years. So far with zero interruptions.


We help you with installation and design so that your existing network can handle CGN.

Powerful but simple CGN solution built on X86 and open source.

What is Miradot CGN?

Nothing fancy

We have optimized an x86 server to be able to translate as much traffic as possible. We have found and fixed bottlenecks in both hardware and software.

Free from hassle

Over time, we have refined the solution to avoid problems with, for example, IP telephony. With most service providers as customers for several years, we have so far not had a single interruption in our solution.


We offer the solution in two versions. If you grow out of the 10Gbps solution, you can scale up to a 100Gbps solution or scale out to 20Gbps or more.

Why Miradot CGN?


We help you with implementation and also design of your other network for the solution to work. We have experience from several different design choices in terms of, for example, delivery to access networks and load balancing options for clusters.

IPv6 takes its time

We're out of IPv4 addresses and the transition to IPv6 is slower than expected. Until the transition is complete, you need to offer your customers an IPv4 address and when you're out of them, the only solution is to translate addresses.

Cost effective

The solution is based on simple but robust hardware with redundant components. The software is based on open source code. Therefore, we keep the cost to a minimum and the performance to a maximum.


Fysisk APIC (M3)

Miradot CGN

We offer two different models. Both can be clustered and expanded gradually.


  • 6Gbps throughput

  • 1x 10Gbps inside

  • 1x 10Gbps outside

  • 10GBase-LR optics

  • 1 year support

  • Basic installation


  • 60Gbps throughput

  • 1x 100Gbps inside

  • 1x 100Gbps outside

  • 100GBase-LR or 100GBase-SR

  • 1 year support

  • Basic installation

Interested? Tell us, and we will size the solution together.





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