Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer


better response time  in your applications


increases utilization rate by >20%


reduces the number of cases by >20%


 see RoI within less than 90 days

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IWO Kickstart
Test drive with us and let the results speak for themselves.

What does IWO do?


Cisco Intersight Workload Optimizer is software that helps users optimize the utilization of their virtual machine and container infrastructure. The product does this through a variety of integrations with the underlying infrastructure - everything from public clouds to local storage platforms. The main area of use is to analyze e.g. VMware or Kubernetes for on-prem environments but also various public cloud platforms such as. AWS or Azure. IWO is the tool that makes hybrid and multi-cloud easy to handle, which makes it excellent in combination with Cisco HyperFlex when you have your own servers in combination with cloud resources, but also works well with hardware from manufacturers other than Cisco.

Helps you with problems

A classic problem can be that a user experiences performance problems with an application and internally the problem is tossed around between different internal departments when the performance of the application is dependent on a large number of underlying functions. The problem can e.g. located in the application server, virtual machine, physical host, network or storage. With the help of the many integrations available to IWO, the problem can often be identified before the user himself has noticed the problem.

Why IWO?

Do more with less

Based on the insight into the infrastructure, IWO can find bottlenecks and performance problems and propose measures to optimize the utilization for optimal performance and cost in the entire infrastructure. It can e.g. is about increasing the amount of virtual machines per server without affecting performance or, together with Kubernetes, moving resource-intensive applications so that they are not on the same server. This in turn can lead to no need to invest in additional hardware to run additional applications, or increase the performance of existing applications on existing infrastructure.

Hybrid clouds? Even better.

With the help of the integration with public cloud providers, IWO can provide an overview of what the costs in the public cloud are and whether it is also possible to optimize resource utilization there. IWO can also help with planning and moving applications from on-prem to the public cloud, or vice versa, which makes it excellent in a hybrid environment.

Test yourself
There are several options for you to test, evaluate and explore the possibilities and simplicity of CWOM / IWO on your own. Via dCloud, you get access to Cisco's labs and environments.

IWO Kickstart

To get started quickly and prove the value of Cisco, we offer a free test drive in your environment for 14 days. The installation is very simple with a VM that gives you access to the various components you have to integrate with. The installation takes about 1 hour once you have a VM in place and then the system starts collecting data. No major effort is required from you.

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