Regardless of whether we are talking about inventory balance, financial systems or communication, the data center is the hub of your business and thus where you need to change first and fastest.
That's what we do, that's our edge.
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We have put together a guide for the journey from the traditional data center to our vision of the automated and self-serviced data center, complete with what you need to do and learn along the way.


Our concept for the automated data center is our way of showing you the possibilities that exist in a data center that uses software-defined solutions, open source code and infrastructure as code.


Your documentation (Netbox) is your "Source of Truth". It is from here that networks, servers and containers are controlled. The data center and its schedules are defined as code in a version control system (Git). Through CI / CD feeds, our automation engine (Terraform & Ansible) is called, which is responsible for performing tests and then realizing the content in Netbox. Tags control which applications are to be installed on virtual machines and containers. Through ACI Anywhere, you get the same network policy in your own data center as in the cloud and can smoothly move workloads in between.

Do you want to see the concept in action in our lab? Book a demo below or take a look at our webinar on automation .

Start a lab yourself? Get loose, everything is freely available in our GitHub repo . Contact us if you need help.








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New microservices + old servers - same platform.

Developers, systems engineers and CTOs in symbiosis.

Cisco ACI

Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure. Let your network be based on your applications and apply a Zero Trust model that covers both your physical, virtual and cloud-based data center. With ACI, you get a software-defined network with integrated security, visibility and automation.  

Cisco Hyperflex

Hyperconverged solution that gives you unbeatable performance, simple and cloud-based management and support for multicloud. Through the Hyperflex Application Platform, you can also run Kubernetes without intermediate hypervisors.  

Cisco UCS

Cisco UCS is different from other server systems. By centrally managing the servers' identity and configuration and making them an integral part of the network, you get uniformity, fewer cables and lower cost.  

Cisco DevNet

DevNet is Cisco's program for development, programming and automation. Through training, labs, code exchange, documentation and guides, the industry helps automate and integrate Cisco solutions. Here is our Partner page.  


OpenStack is an open cloud platform that consists of independent modules. Together, it creates a complete solution for private and public clouds. Thanks to the openness, there are a plethora of different integrations and drivers, which makes the platform flexible and future-proof.  


Kubernetes is an open system for automating and managing container clusters. It was originally developed by Google, which also uses it for their services. It has quickly become the standard for managing container clusters.  


OpenShift is RedHat's packaging of Kubernetes. In addition to the standard features of Kubernetes, OpenShift has features such as image repo and a number of other features that make it easier for developers.  

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