Automation is new to most people, but requires experience to get it right. We solve that challenge.

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Current situation, automation landscape and the way forward

Automation and efficiency are relevant topics for everyone with a larger IT environment. It can be difficult to know where to start and what results to expect. We have therefore developed a Due Diligence service where we, based on our experience, analyze your environment and present a proposal on how you can start, continue and complete an automation project.

What does the procedure looks like?

We will conduct interviews with your engineers, team leaders and decision makers to create an understanding of what your technology platforms and working methods look like. Then our specialists will review the information obtained and design a potential vision that is reviewed with you. Once this is approved, Miradot produces a proposal on what the transformation to the target vision could look like.

What happens next?

The proposal contains everything you need to know to start the journey of change. It contains approaches, costs, what is expected of you and what Miradot will deliver for the end result.

Then you are ready to begin your journey to your efficient management of your IT infrastructure.

Automation is the future, but it's hard to get started.
Let us see your possibilities and present a proposal on how to proceed.

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