Cisco Hyperflex


Hyperflex has unbeatable performance among hyperconverged solutions and offers both SSD and spinning disks.


Scale storage and compute freely from each other and reuse your UCS servers if you want.


With the Hyperflex Application Platform, you get support for Kubernetes-as-a-service without VMware or Hyper-V in between.


You can easily manage and monitor your clusters from a common view. Via AI you get tips on patches and upgrades.

HX Kickstart - entry-level solution from Miradot.
Hardware , installation and training at a fixed price.

What does Hyperflex do?


The simpler the system is to handle, the less time is spent on training, management, troubleshooting and life cycle management. Hyperflex is designed so that you can spend your time on value-adding efforts instead of complicated expansion routines or complex troubleshooting.

Gives your containers a home

Most companies need support to be able to handle containers in their platform sooner or later. Using HXAP, you build Kubernetes-as-a-Service for your developers, directly on your Hyperflex cluster. IImportant to point out is that the version of Kubernetes used is 100% upstream, i.e not modified in any way. Because HXAP is based on Ubuntu and KVM, you can also place standard virtual machines in HXAP. Everything is controlled from Intersight.

Speed things up

Usually the performance deteriorates the more functions you activate in the storage system. Not with Hyperflex. Even with deduplication and compression on, the storage system continues to perform just as before. Read this report from ESG which tests performance in several HCI systems.


Hyperflex is the only HCI solution with the network integrated in the platform. When provisioning, the necessary networks are configured with correct QoS settings, VLANs, ports and more automatically.

Why Hyperflex?

Start small and easy

Cisco Hyperflex is scalable and amazingly powerful. A cluster can scale up to 64 nodes with multiple petabytes of storage. In many cases, however, you need one or more smaller sites, which is why Cisco designed a smaller system: Hyperflex Edge. With this, you can start with as few as two nodes and also reuse your existing network. This makes Hyperflex Edge an excellent entry level point. Miradot sees high demand for this type of system and therefore has ready-made packaging that suits many of our customers.

Scale right

Through the ability to scale out compute completely independent of storage, you get great flexibility. You can also reuse your Cisco UCS servers as compute nodes in your Hyperflex cluster. If you need more storage, you buy more disks. If you need more CPU power, buy a node without disk.

Cloud-based AI

Via Intersight, you can monitor and manage your Hyperflex clusters from one place. You also get recommendations on patches and upgrades, warnings for incompatible firmware versions and more based on Cisco's analysis for AI.

Test yourself
There are several options for you to test, evaluate and explore the possibilities and simplicity of Hyperflex on your own. Via dCloud, you get access to Cisco's labs and environments.

HX Kickstart

We have simple but flexible entry-level packages where dimensioning, installation and training are included. At a fixed cost, our Hyperflex certified technicians will help you until your new HCI environment is ready. Simple, safe and efficient. If your needs are greater, it usually pays to do a complete review to match your needs, build a vision and take your data center to the next level.

HX Kickstart

Our entry with spinning disk consists of two to four nodes.

  • 2-4 nodes

  • 8000-16000 IOPS

  • 3-32 TiB storage

  • 48-432 GHz CPU

  • 160-2 976 GB RAM

  • 3 years support

  • Basic installation

  • Basic education

  • Option: VMware licenses

  • Option: Network (Cisco Nexus 3524P-10GX)

HX Kickstart AllFlash

If you need more disk performance, there is our entry-level option with flash disk.


  • 2-4 nodes

  • 25,000-50,000 IOPS

  • 2.4-100 TB storage

  • 48-432 GHz CPU

  • 160-2 976 GB RAM

  • 3 years support

  • Basic installation

  • Basic education

  • Option: VMware licenses

  • Option: Network (Cisco Nexus 3524P-10GX)

Interesting? Tell us, and we will size the solution together.





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