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Internet of Things.

Easy to understand the benefits. Difficult to turn into reality.

Empty Factory


We combine Cisco IoT solutions with our expertise and the strength of our collaboration with TH1NG, the smart operator.

The concentration of connected devices in a modern factory in the manufacturing industry places high demands. The density is high, the data streams are intense and if communication is lost, the consequences can be both costly and directly dangerous. We build the Industry 4.0 solution that connects your devices, processes the data and sends it to the cloud for analysis. With experience from design, delivery and production of factory solutions with high demands on programmability, automation and cloud communication, we know what is required and expected.


Cisco IE-switches

Cisco's range of industrial ethernet switches consists of programmable, modular and secure devices used to build robust networks in factories, warehouses, ports or other demanding spaces worldwide.


Cisco IoT Gateways

To transport your data between sensors, machines or substations requires a reliable router. Cisco IoT Gateways and routers are rugged devices with the same reliable and robust software found in Cisco's other platforms.


Cisco CyberVision

The complexity of modern networks exposes your industrial operations to cyber threats. Cisco Cyber Vision has been specially developed for OT and IT teams to work together to ensure production, resilience and security.

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