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We are always looking for passionate talent who want to thrive, be challenged and have fun with us.
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Did you grow up with an unquenchable thirst for technology and knowledge? Are you driven, interested and have a passion for data centers, networks and innovative solutions? Then we believe that Miradot is the place for you!

We are a young company that loves technology and creating business value for our customers. We have high ceilings and you can always reach both the boss and the colleagues at Slack. For us, it is important that you are very happy, then we believe that you do a good job that results in satisfied customers. Therefore, we are careful to only take assignments we really want and to give you all the conditions you need to thrive and develop.

A strong interest in technology permeates the organization and we are happy to share knowledge to get better together. We think it is very important to constantly develop and therefore your competence development is not only an opportunity with us, it is a prerequisite for both you as a person and we as a company to succeed. To make this possible, we offer a variety of ways to deepen or broaden knowledge, such as courses, tech shares and conferences.


We have a strong collaboration with Cisco and work a lot with solutions based on their products. Our ambition is to be a strategic partner for our customers, who help them all the way from the hardware in the form of networks and servers, further up to the software in the form of DevOps, CI and CD.