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Here you will find our recorded webinar & whitepapers !

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Digital Transformation - Culture, processes and technology

We have produced a guide that shows you what digital transformation is, why it is important, what approach you can use and what challenges are associated with the three different pillars in digital transformation - culture, processes and technology.


Do you have ServiceNow? We show you how to automate your data center.

Are you on board with the idea of managing your infrastructure according to the concept of Infrastructure as Code? Maybe your infrastructure teams have already taken the step? What comes next?


In this webinar, we show how to use ServiceNow to enable self-service of the infrastructure.

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Intro to Automation & Infrastructure as Code - Part 1

We show how you with the help of Gitlab, Terraform and Ansible can create simpler flows to be able to automate repetitive tasks and thus free up time. We show this in our own lab based on Cisco ACI, Cisco UCS, and Redhat OpenShift, but the tools can be used for a plethora of different manufacturers and systems.


Afterwards, you will have a basic understanding of infrastructure automation in data centers with concrete examples of how powerful these tools are and how fast you can get started!

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Intro to Automation & Infrastructure as Code - Part 2

In this webinar we will show how to "import" and then manage a network which will now be described as Infrastructure As Code. When we have seen how this works in its simplest form, Sebastian will take this a step further and let parts of the data move into a database. The network will then, via the database, be updated by a summer worker with access to a simple administrator interface with limited privileges.


This webinar is intended to demonstrate how you as a network administrator can begin your journey towards a simpler everyday life. It is also meant to convince you that the obstacles you may see along the way may not be as great as you think. In our experience, there is plenty of fruit to harvest even after minor efforts. Helping you take the step is something we at Miradot have built up an entire business area around.