A month is all we need to make a permanent difference and inspire you to what is possible.

What is Miracle Month?
We understand that you are busy. We want to relieve you from the daily work by letting one of our specialists work side by side with you for a month. Our specialist will put all his or her effert into offloading you both short-term, but also long-term by using their skills in automation, DevOps and infrastructure as code.

What is the difference from a regular consultant?
Our specialists all have a background in operations. They know the challenges and they know the way of work. Beyond that, they have been involved in changing IT departments and Ops-teams to work with automation, DevOps, infrastructure as a code and what it means technically, but also what it means for a group in terms of the way they work. Our specialist will show the possibilities with tools such as Ansible, Terraform and GitLab and hopefully inspire the rest of the group to continue that journey.

What can we expect for results in a month?
After a month, your group will have caught up with part of the backlog of work that has existed. One or more tasks will have been automated and will now take a fraction of the time it previously took. There is a basic environment for automation to build on, along with understanding for the automation that has already been built.

And most importantly - the effort Miradot makes for a month will relieve you permanently.


 - Mjukvarudefinierade datacenter (SDDC)

 - Nätverk (Klassiska & SDN)

 - OpenStack

 - VMware

 - Server

 - Brandväggar

 - Lagring

 - xWDM

DevOps / Cloud

 - CI/CD

 - OpenShift

 - Kubernetes

 - Infrastructure as Code

 - Docker

 - Git

 - Hyperscale Clouds (AWS, GCP, Azure)

 - Prometheus / Grafana

 - AWX 

 - Terraform

 - Ansible

Many are busy with their daily work.

We help you for a month but relieve you forever.

Interested? Tell us, and we'll provide you with our best-fitting specialist.

We will get back to you.