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4 tips on how you as an IT technician make sure not to be replaced by automation!

It is not a far-fetched idea that a consequence of automation in an IT department can mean that certain roles are replaced by computing power, which of course can give rise to some concern. I thought from the perspective of a provider of automation solutions to give some tips on how to make sure you avoid ending up in that situation.

1. Automation is based on carrying out standardized procedures quickly and without manual intervention. If you carry out standardized procedures and repetitive tasks yourself, your value lies in knowing these in detail - be sure to show how you, through your detailed knowledge of these, can help convert these into new automated flows. It builds important skills in you, which becomes increasingly important the more flows that are to be automated.

2. Identify which tasks that won't be able or are very difficult to automate and focus on those that you find interesting. This can be designing new IT solutions, performing advanced troubleshooting, tailored deliveries or working with the management or development of the automation itself.

For example:

Server engineers: Avoid working with installation of new servers, focus on finding ways to quickly identify faults on servers.

Networking engineers: Avoid working with configuration changes in the CLI, focus on how to verify that the existing configuration is correct through tests.

3. Learning to program is the first and most obvious step towards you becoming part of the solution. You start building Python scripts and using Ansible. What's not just as obvious is to think about what comes next - to make the scripts and playbooks production-ready and accessible for everyone to use securely. Therefore, learn how to use CI / CD tools to perform testing, build pipelines and create traceability of the changes.

4. To be able to automate, you need both platforms and devices that support automation/APIs and expertise in what tools and engine to use to automate. The number of choices is many and the landscape is difficult to navigate. The more knowledge you have about relevant platforms and what type of automation they support, the more attractive you will be.

Hope this makes you excited to start with automation, because it is a very rewarding feeling when you create your first automation and you can see the computer doing the job that previously took hours!

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