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DevNet 500

Six years ago, Cisco launched its development and automation program - DevNet. It has since grown rapidly and become a hub for anyone working with automation, software-defined networks and data centers and infrastructure programming. Miradot has been a frequent user of DevNet.

On 24/2, Cisco launched its new certification program for DevNet, so that in the same way as with the well-known and respected certifications CCNA, CCNP and CCIE, you can also be certified in automation, which suits Miradot and how we have work with automation and programming in a excellent way. In addition, Cisco also wanted the first 500 to become certified to receive a number of extra benefits, so they launched the DevNet500 program.

Since its launch, Miradot has received no less than 5 certifications, two of which are the highest certification you can currently take. All was among the first 500!


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