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Terraform – a blueprint for your infrastructure

For some happy few, the first encounter with Azure, AWS, GCP, <insert hyperscale cloud> and their management tools respectively got the impression of a clean slate or a fresh new start. For the rest of us, this was not the case, as a lot of colleagues had already been spewing out different resources, such as VM’s, functions, storage services without any overall strategy.

At Miradot, we’ve helped plenty of customers to get on top of this kind of scenario and a common component in doing this has in many cases been a tool called Terraform. This is a mature and reliable provisioning tool that will follow a structured and validated blueprint format while provisioning your environment exactly the way you want it, and the best part is that it will also double as human readable documentation.

When you’re aboard with the idea of managing your cloud infrastructure this way, we at Miradot will happily help you do the same with your local datacenter.


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