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The world's first Cisco DevNet Specialization Partner

On May 30, Miradot AB was the first Cisco partner in the world to become a Cisco DevNet Specialized Partner. This is a recent specialization from Cisco and focuses entirely on software, automation and programmability in IT infrastructure. To qualify, high and ambitious demands are placed on competence, certifications, business processes and quality assurance.

The key to success for an IT environment right now is being able to increase efficiency and availability despite increased complexity. Companies invest heavily in modern infrastructure but are far from taking full advantage of its capabilities in automation and programmability, which affects business outcomes and has technical consequences. To succeed, the right skills are required, something that so far there have been few quality stamps and certifications around to guarantee. 

– A customized and automated world-class customer experience is crucial for the success of our customers and it’s a competitive advantage for us as well as our partners. Well done Miradot - great achievement!

Per Samuelsson, Managing Director, Cisco Sverige

In order to achieve Cisco DevNet Partner Specialization, it is required to have a number of Cisco DevNet certified individuals, customer references and high standards for quality assurance, customer satisfaction and development methodologies. The DevNet individual certifications required are also new to Cisco and cover architectures as well as development, security and automation.

– We always strive to be the best at what we do. Taking all the certifications and securing all the processes and quality requirements is an extensive work. We were approved just three days after Cisco released the specialization and thus became the first in the world, this is a confirmation for us that we are a leader in data center and automation. We also prove that when it comes to automation, it is competence and not size that determines the outcome.

Marcus Lind, VD, Miradot

Today's data center is no longer one or two locations, but spread across several cloud services, local data centers and virtual data centers. In order to take advantage of the best of several worlds without becoming unmanageable, effective ways of managing these scattered environments are needed. Programmability and automation are crucial.

From all our newly gained knowledge, our customers will be seeing more value out of every hour of work we do. As we enable them to automate, they will free up resources to be put on tasks that leads to growth, business development and more value out of investments. Miradot has previously been the first in Sweden to become Cisco Authorized IoT Partner and Cisco Authorized Hyperflex Partner, which further confirms how responsive we are to being able to help our customers quickly, says Marcus Lind.

About Miradot Miradot is a consulting company that designs, implements and automates infrastructure within data centers, networks and service providers. Miradot was founded in 2015 and now has offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg. In 2019, Miradot had a turnover of 34M SEK with 8 employees. Miradot won Cisco Award - Growth Partner of the Year 2018.

Contact Marcus Lind +46 (0) 73 – 901 30 20

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