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Satisfied customers?

Yes. A couple.

Trustlys logotyp

"We placed great trust in Miradot's recommendation, which was helpful in objectively justifying how ACI supports both technical and operational goals."

Martin Sjöstrand

Senior Engineer

CAG Datastöd

Tomas Spindler

Business Development Manager

Iver AB

"This is exactly how a partner should work"

"I am both incredibly impressed and satisfied with Miradot's efforts to gain control of our person-dependent IT environment in such a very trustworthy way in such a short time and to also work in parallel with efficiencies and lead the work of transforming our own traditional operations to IaaS. Miradot has offered what few others can in IT Operations - both deep and broad knowledge in both technology and business.

Per Okdal


Acando AB

“The competence and innovation was the biggest advantage of Miradot and their WDM solution. Miradot stands for innovation at a reasonable cost. For a long time, we had to start with WDM technology, but everyone who has presented solutions has been too cost-driving. That solved Miradot. They managed to capture our attention by linking technology to efficiency that could be measured finacially.

Håkan Larsson


Wexnet AB

Eric Lindsjö

Head of Network


"High technical competence, short decision paths and the willingness to actually listen and understand our challenges make Miradot an excellent partner."

Customer stories

CAG Data Support - From Cisco Catalyst 6500 to ACI

CAG Data Support was in a state of obsolete network with mainly Cisco Catalyst 6500. The entire network was managed manually via CLI. With the help of Miradot, the entire network environment was replaced with ACI.

Wexnet - WDM in access networks

A 40% saving in equipment, more efficient fiber utilization and a more robust network are some of the benefits Wexnet received through our concept within WDM.

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