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We sit down together and find out what conditions, requirements and expectations you have for your IT infrastructure. With our experience and expertise, we outline a long-term plan for how you can create an IT infrastructure that not only supports but also creates new opportunities for the business.

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For a successful implementation, we know that the preparations are crucial. To minimize the time required to commission, develop migration plans and use the hardware & software as efficiently as possible - let us help. We have done this countless times and thereby learned which traps to avoid - the hard way.

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Tired of doing the same task over and over again? With this service, we make an effort for you to get rid of your boring task. This is perfect for time-consuming and error-prone tasks. You tell the flow and we assist with code.

Team Meeting


Tailor-made training according to your needs in one or more of our areas of knowledge. We use the same experienced consultants who build solutions to train you in how to design, implement and manage your data center or network.

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On a long enough timeline, something always breaks. What matters then is how fast the systems are back up again. We can perform root cause analysis, run TAC cases to Cisco and in the best way possible help to mitigate and relieve you from the pain the downtime causes.



During migrations, there is usually a lot of repetitive work. It also often involves a new platform with support for automation of some major. Our automation team has saved our customers hundreds of hours of work by using smart code and sharp tools instead of the good ol' CTRL + C CTRL + V.

Structural Designing


We use our passion, experience and specialist expertise to assist you in analyzing your situation and business needs to achieve an optimal design for your new data center or network. By using us, we guarantee that you get a platform that is ready for automation, your requirements and expected load.

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New to automation? Hard to know where to start? Lost in the landscape with hundreds of tools and solutions? Do not worry, we are here to help. With Kickstart, we introduce you and your team to the automation world in our version, based on your requirements. After the sessions, you will have the skills and insights needed to start your automation journey.

Go Team


When a data center or network becomes large enough, it begins to be difficult to predict costs and time spent. We carry out full-scale projects where we combine our specialist consultants with your team to produce a predetermined outcome. We believe in delivering outcome instead of hours, which is why we prefer fixed prices with bonuses if set goals are reached ahead of schedule.