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How we helped Wexnet save 40% in costs.

SmartOptics PAM4

100Gbps Datacenter Interconnect & Metro

We are a SmartOptics partner and a reseller of the DCP-M system, which is an open and fully automatic system for connecting up to 40 100Gbps wavelengths at distances up to 80km. The format is 1U just like a passive DWDM-mux / demux, with the difference that the system is active and has built-in line monitoring and amplification.

The biggest difference from a standard DWDM system is that with PAM-4 you can use QSFP + PAM4 modules instead of having to convert the signal via a transponder, which makes the system very cost-effective.

Download the data sheet here


Smart WDM

WDM in access networks

Through smart design, the right equipment and innovational thinking, we have developed a way to build wavelengths in access networks and through that make large cost savings, a more robust network and the opportunity to deliver new types of services.


Our solution is simple, robust and very similar to the equipment fiber installers already work with.


Upgrading to 10, 25, 100 or 400GbE is no problem. Maintain the same passive equipment year after year.

Save fiber

By using the same fiber up to 40 times, you get a better degree of utilization and avoid digging down more fiber on popular stretches

Offer more services

Offer wavelength as a service to your customers as a cost-effective but profitable alternative to black fiber.

To understand how it works, read more here.

Data centers need to be connected, 5G requires bandwidth and fiber is expensive.
We help you with wavelength multiplexing, WDM.