Miradot ZeroTouch 

Eliminate errors

85% faster



Miradot ZeroTouch provisions new network devices when you connect them to the network.
Simple, integrable and fast.

What is ZeroTouch?

A provisioning system

ZeroTouch is a system to easily and without the need for manual provision network devices. It allows you to, identified only through an identifier such as serial number, select which configuration is to be automatically provisioned to the device when connected.

Key features

  • Integration with Netbox

  • Configurable via Ansible

  • Integrated DHCP

  • Integrated firmware library

Supported equipment

  • Waystream MS-series

  • Cisco ASR920-series

  • Cisco Catalyst 9000-series

  • Juniper EX-series

Why ZeroTouch?

Eliminate errors

A large part of outages and troubleshooting is due to human error. By automating basic configuration of devices, a large part of the errors that occur during cut-and-paste exercises are eliminated.

No lock-in

We are constantly increasing the number of units supported. If your device is not on the list, please contact us and we will investigate the possibility of creating the support you need.

Speed up

Existing customers estimate that they are now rolling out new units 85% faster than before. They also do not need any special skills to install a new unit, but can use subcontractors.

Zero Touch Kickstart

  • Netbox installation

  • Installation of ZeroTouch

  • Review of the system

  • Test of functionality

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