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Nöjdare användare och -500% support – så infördes DevOps på rederiet

What does DevOps mean at Miradot?


DevOps is a tricky subject, and there are countless solutions and processes that try to fit within the framework of this concept. We want to stand out from the noise through an offer that is very concrete and simple.


For us, DevOps is about working methods and technologies that can effectively both support and allow the infrastructure to be consumed by the rest of the business. We want to be the best at infrastructure in the data center and in the cloud, and therefore it is obvious to us that we should be able to help our customers with the integration between the platforms they have invested in and the business's other systems and processes - a piece of the puzzle that for more and more crucial to getting a proper return on your investment.

Script for workflow

This project is a springboard for companies whose technical staff have had time to develop some scripts, but who have now realized that these have started to become numerous in number, and that the results that these tools deliver have started to vary depending on how they are run. We help you with a way of working that allows you to use the tools that have already been developed, but in a safe, structured and traceable way.

Kubernetes and the cloud

A project for companies that do software development and are about to change to start running microservices. There is a belief that containers and kubernetes are the future, but you need a platform that facilitates testing and learning. Bonus if such a platform also offers a clear path for scaling up to a reliable production environment.

Infrastruktur via ITSM

Many are thinking about how to go from Ticket-based provisioning, which e.g. manually handled provisioning matters in ServiceNow or similar systems, to oneself servicebased arrangement that enables calling of resources and services in an automated way. This project gives you a flying start in your automation journey.