Step 1 - Your network today

This is what most networks look like today, with some variations of course. It is a proven way that you do not necessarily need to change. What is common, however, is that the distribution nodes are difficult to secure with electricity and cooling, and that there is often a waste of ports in the distribution switches.




The city network in Växjö (Wexnet) chose Miradot WDM for their entire network with about 30,000 customers. Want to know how it went? Check this out!


Step 2 - WDM is installed

By introducing WDM between core and distribution nodes, you reduce fiber utilization on popular distances, while at the same time opening up for a new type of service delivery in your network - wavelengths.


We assist all the way. Design, training, implementation and monitoring. Because the wavelength equipment is passive and looks like an ODF, it will be easy for the fiber technicians to understand.

Step 3 - Upgrade links

Many are facing an upgrade in the link speed between their access switches and distribution switches, which often means a generational change of the distribution equipment. By implementing WDM, the new distribution switches are now placed in the same physical location as the core equipment. In this way, you get a more efficient port utilization and more robust network as the corenodes are usually better secured.


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Step 4 - Elimination of distribution

When all access switches' uplinks have been upgraded, you can calmly take down your old distribution switches, which means that the distribution nodes are now completely passive. Thus, UPS power, cooling or even electricity are no longer needed for these. The higher port utilization means that there is a need for fewer distribution switches and that the stability of the network has increased.

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By applying traditional WDM technology in a new way and more integrated with your active network devices, you can achieve better port utilization, make your network more robust and avoid investing in expensive node equipment such as UPS and cooling.

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