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Betalar du fortfarande konsulter per timma när det är affärsvärde du strävar efter?
Varför då?

Har du svårt att förutse projektkostnader?
Vi har löst det.

Agile project

In development projects, SCRUM and agile project management are the established way of working, but still many consultancy firms maintain a business model that is adapted to the old way of working, which creates a number of problems. By allowing the working model to be merged with the business model, you effectively eliminate these while creating a number of benefits.

Challenges in larger projects

The business model does not take into account unknown factors

The larger the projects, the more unknown factors will affect the project's time planning and requirements. The business model must have a built-in ability to handle changing conditions, which most business models we have seen are lacking today. This means that when conditions change, delays occur due to changed costs, competence requirements and so on.

The business model does not follow the working model

Usually a consulting company charges based on the number of hours worked, a total amount for completed projects or a combination of these. The consequence is often that all risk is shifted to you as a customer through hourly billing, that you pay an overprice for a completed project or that the agreement needs to be negotiated during the project because the conditions have changed.  

The business model does not take into account the long-term goals

For us, a successful project means that you work side by side, have a continuous transfer of knowledge and that you have an early model for how the management and support should work after a completed project. A long-term collaboration should not create unbalanced dependencies on a supplier, but on the contrary should prevent these by focusing on up-skilling of the customer's staff while the supplier is available for further development and support.

Miradot's solution

In forward-leaning projects in IT, the landscape is constantly changing. By working in and charging for development sprints, you efficiently and without delay handle changes in requirements or technology as a natural part of the project. Delays are effectively avoided due to, for example, a changed cost picture.
Shared risk & predictability 
Each sprint has a fixed price. When a sprint planning is done, Miradot will deliver the promised result at that cost. We take the risk that any problems during a sprint entail and as a customer you have the opportunity to support with your own resources, influence planning and quickly change the direction of the project.

Best suited resources
Miradot allocates the most suitable resources from a group of specialists covering all technical domains. We perform continuous knowledge transfer as part of the sprint process. As a customer, you have the opportunity to add your own or third-party resources in a sprint, with the aim of making the long-term dependence on us as a supplier smaller.

Såhär ser vår leveransmodell ut!

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